Building Process

It’s our joy and privilege to be able to help transform a client’s dreams into reality they can afford, using the tested and proven archtect-lead and builder-led approach.

Assure Property Group is a complete “one-stop” solution for real estate needs.  Our operations span across various aspects of real estate development, from land identification and acquisition, project planning, designing, marketing and execution.  Our building service provided by our Builder prides on delivering quality buildings and homes in a timely and efficient manner.  We coordinate the entire development process.  Using the innovative and quality materials, procurement strategy, qualified tradespeople and industry practices and standards, we ensure that quality homes are built within the shortest possible construction time.

The cornerstone of Assure Property Group’s success on building service is our highly personalised approach and the Builder we engage with, with the entire team committing to a guarantee to attention to detail and total customer satisfaction.

We are dedicated, passionate with what we do.  We are an independent building company and that enables us to maintain a close and excellent working relationship with our clients throughout every stage of the process.  As we are a small boutique builder, you are not treated as a number, we will always have time to meet you, discuss your needs and find solutions with you.  At Assure Property Group we believe in constantly being in touch with you to ensure that your property is built and delivered the quality way it should be.

The Assure Advantage

The Assure Advantage offers unique and distinct benefits ensuring our clients can enjoy complete peace-of-mind:

  • SOLUTION-BASED STRATEGY: We ensure the most cost-effective solutions and favorable procurement to reduce costs to benefit our clients.

  • PROFESSIONAL EXPERTISE AND DEPTH OF EXPERTISE: Our team of experienced and trained professionals have the complete experience from feasibility studies to delivery of turn-key projects. With a varied background of project management, delivery and real estate sales and marketing, we are knowledgeable to add value to every phase of the project management and development.

  • INTEGRITY AND DEDICATION: We undertaking each and every of our project with focussed dedication and high integrity to ensure best outcome for the clients.

The Assure Property Group approach is aimed at producing quality homes that are well-designed, cost-effective and enhance your wellbeing.

We provide a one stop solution, from the first meeting through to completion with our unique and tested architect- and builder-led building approach. Every new home is individual to you, our process is streamlined so that our clients receive the maximum benefit of working with a highly skilled team.


1. Initial Meet

First we have a meeting on site or at your home.

-We listen to your brief and explain how we work.

-We determine if your desired home is achievable on your site and for your budget

2. Putting the Initial Designs Together

This is a collaborative process where our team:

-Analyse the site and constraints including town planning

-Define the project scope and quality

-Test initial design concepts

-Provide a construction estimate

-Plan out the next steps and costs

3. Schematic design

During this Phase a designer/architect will

-Do the detailed design of your home.

-Prepare 3d models and Architectural drawings

-test and optimise the design for energy efficiency and comfort.

-Apply for Local Government Approvals.

-our builder will provide a fixed price construction contract

4. build

Once the construction contract is signed its time to get started on site.

-Our builder will be involved early in the process to ensure cost efficiencies in building.

-Our team will support you as required and keep you informed on progress

-Our team will inspect progress on site at key milestones to ensure construction is achieved to our standard.

*An accurate design fee cost is determined after the Initial Consultation and is a set fee. 

Fixed price with no surprises

Our goal is to deliver you the best building for your budget. We work with one of our builder partners from day one to ensure that what we design for you represents good value for money.

How can we do this?

  1. Architect and Builder work together on every project from the beginning, using ECI (Early Contractor Involvement) and builder-lead approach for the benefit of the clients.

  2. Our team aims at achieving optimum balance between design, quality, performance and cost by working with our clients to determine their order of priorities

  3. We cost check our projects at every major stage and get real time feedback on design decisions to avoid any surprises

  4. Our builder provides fixed price building contracts

  5. We work with trusted consultants who understand what it takes to design and build a Leanhaus project.




How much can I borrow for my home or investment property?

Knowing how much you can borrow helps you decide the type of property you can purchase, making the buying and investment process smooth.  As a value-added service, we can refer you to fully qualified brokers who can assess your situation and analyse different home loans from many different lenders.  This is a free service absolutely free to you.

The WA state government has increased the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) to $10,000.  With such attractive incentive, buying your own home has never been more affordable, take advantage of this opportunity now.

To find out more as a first home owner or as an investor, simply  call us on 9355 3888 to find out more.  We will be most to assist.