Our Mission for Property Management


Our property management mission is to maximise your returns, lease your properties quickly and care for your properties to a high standard.

We Understand Your Needs

As property investors and owners ourselves, we set out to provide you with a quality service that owners and their properties deserve and a hassle-free property management experience.

Assure Property Group understands that vacancy and poor quality of tenants could significantly reduce your cash flows and increase your expenses, so we work hard to achieve the best results for you. We understand that each investment property is hard-earned and is meant to generate optimum returns for you. You will be guided by us to maximise returns. With an investor mind-set and having connections with property owners abroad, we also understand the needs and concerns of investors locally as well as those who live or work abroad / interstate.

We believe that property investment should be stress free and profitable, the very reason we spent years developing our unique system for the management of your properties to maximise your returns.  Regardless if you are a first-time investor or experienced owner, making the right choice of a Property Manager will make a world of difference.  We offer you our  points of difference and our industry-leading service to you:

  • We Maximize Your Returns: Our mission and commitment to you is to maximize your returns, maintain your properties in the best condition and reduce vacancy.

  • After hours and weekend Homes Opens and Private Viewing: We conduct viewings afterhours and weekends to expedite leasing of your property to quality tenant asap.

  • Attention to Detail: So that your property does not deteriorate after each tenancy over years, it requires an X factor – our uncompromising, sharp attention details of your property. A missed call may lose a quality tenant. A small tap dripping may cause structural damage over period of time.  You can be sure we sweat the small stuff so no oversight can happen to your property.

  • Proprietary Tenancy Induction System: Our unique Tenancy Induction System is formulated over years to educate the tenants continually of their obligations to pay rent on time, to care for your property well, etc, which are crucial to enhancing the value of your property. We are uncompromising on our induction with each tenant to protect your best interests.

  • Looking After Your Tenant: We make sure each tenant enjoys a quality experience in your property.  We build strong rapport with our tenants who in turn care for your properties and help to fill up our rental properties quicker.

  • Multi-lingual & Cross-Cultural: We speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay, English for the benefits of owners and tenants. This multi-lingual ability greatly encourages prospects to lease properties with us and help smoothen tenancy management, overcoming communication and cultural issues.


We believe each investment property must be cared for as a valuable home – not just as a disposable rental property – to protect its value and by doing so, maximize rental returns.

Tris and her team are highly dedicated and very hard working, committed to providing the best outcomes for the property owners and their properties.

  • Tris’ unique, combined experience and skillsets as a Property Manager, Property Developer and Property Sales Professional will benefit you and your properties with the best results

  • Proven track record with quick leasing of properties

  • Tailored marketing plan and strategies for each property

  • Access to our huge database to promote your properties

  • Wide network of contacts as your potential tenants

  • Unrivalled marketing strategies second to none in the industry

  • Professional, reliable and good old-fashion, friendly service

  • Number 1 strong market knowledge

  • Dedicated and work hard to provide the best outcome

We will specially formulate leasing strategies for your property.  Profit From Our Dedication, Experience And Knowledge.  We manage both Apartment complexes and houses throughout Perth.  We have the know-how to best manage your properties to give you the best results for quick leasing and quality property management.

Tris and her hard working team offers you years of invaluable property management experience, where you will be guided by her and her trustworthy and knowledgeable team to maximize your returns. We are committed and passionate in caring for your properties as our own homes. We successfully manage and operate our own investments throughout Perth, so we truly know what it takes to have a cash flow and have a good night’s sleep. Majority of our new business comes from referrals, you will refer too, once you have experience our high level of care for your property.

We look forward to serving you and caring for your properties to a high standard.  Please contact Tris on 0404 820 888 or email for a friendly chat today how we can help you.  We will be most pleased to hear from you.